InSight Desktop Search offers a couple of different ways to modify search. Sub-Search basiclly allows the user to search with in the search results. In the most basic form,the result list would compromise of the original search keyword and also the sub-search keyword. These filters are supported in Basic File Search, and also while in music mode, but not yet in the Outlook Search.

InSight also supports two types of sub-search filters. They are:-
1) " @ " Prefix : Ensures the presence of a keyword in the results location path.

2) " - " Prefix : Removes all those results that contain a given keyword.

Now InSight allows you to extend your search criteria using the "OR" which allows you to make a search for the presence of multiple keyword. For example : mp3 or wma.


Using the "OR" filter:-

Using the "@" filter:-

Using the "-" filter:-

Using them in combination:-