Vista/XP support InSight Desktop Search

Windows XP,Vista or Seven.It works!

Be it any version of Windows, InSight is a great addition to your desktop. It is a simple to use search alternative for your PC.
With introduction of New features like meta-data and Outlook search, InSight is a whole lot more powerful and feature rich and is yet very fast!
If you ever felt the default search is just too slow, and found the wait to search and index frustrating,then InSight is definitely the answer you were looking for!.

Outlook Search- BETA!

With InSight Desktop Search, one can easily search "Microsoft Office Outlook" folders for emails and contacts. InSight is compatible with Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and above.
The implementation is still experimental, therefore supports only contacts and emails. It allows search to be made across user selected folders for presence of a search phrase in the message body, or in the message subject, or on the basis of sender's email. The ability scan for attachments is still missing and would be added in future releases!.
Search faster using InSight Desktop Search

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InSIght Sub-Search

InSight sub-search offers unique way to modify the search criteria, so as to easily locate the files you are searching for. Sub-Search can be based on a location,absence or presence of a keyword, and even a combination of the above.
With InSight, search criteria can be easily widened by seperating search keywords with an "OR" Keyword. Example: AVI or Mp3.