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InSight Desktop Search

Easily Search For Files/Folders across HDD.

Support for shared Network Places.

Support for Metadata.

Dedicated Music Search and Playback.

Search Outlook Emails and Contacts.

Search for articles on Wikipedia.

Quick Launch Shortcuts.

Small Index size and Live updations.

InSight Preview.

Quick Disk Indexing Speed : 1-2 min.

It's not about how fast InSight can search...

It's just how fast can you type??

It's Simple.Fast.Robust insight desktop search

Is your desktop search software taking life out of your PC? Does a simple task of finding files, bring your PC to it's Knees?
InSight attempts to make the whole idea about searching content on PC extremely easy and quick.
Search your files as quick as 100ms without sacrificing on your systems precious resources

Search Wikipedia using InSight Desktop Search

Support for metadata

InSight supports searching files based on metadata contained in files. InSight supports following formats : JPEG files(Exif data) , Mp3 and Wma files, Exe files, and Microsoft Office files.

Its extremely easy to search for files using the meta-information, instead of just the filenames. Support for other common formats like PDF files, TIFF, etc. will also be added soon.